About Us

Zoya Naturals started off as a passion project inspired by my daughter. Five years ago when I had Ovayo, I realised I had the incredible honour and responsibility of teaching her how to " show up “ in the world. I wanted her to know that she could be whole, confident and beautiful just the way she was with her chocolate skin and coily hair. At the time we were living in South Korea and there were no products readily available for coily, kinky textured hair so I decided I would mix up some oils and butters to use on our hair. On our return to South Africa, spurred on by close friends and family, I took a leap of faith and resolved to perfect my mixes and create a range of natural hair products that celebrate afro textured hair. Two years later Zoya Naturals was born. Zoya is Zoe (Ovayo's second name) in Arabic and it means abundant life, made of light. I hope as you use our products you too can show up in your world filled with abundance and life, made of light... because you are.